19 habitat for humanity…cleverness!

Habitat For Humanity has always inspired me to do good in the world. Doing something for someone else in need always results in an incredible feeling. Volunteering has always been a part of my life that I take pride in. Working at First Place School in Seattle, WA my senior year of high school, I learned the true values in what it means to help out others that are less fortunate. Since then, I’ve coached four different sports teams through the YMCA association, and helped out at the YMCA in the redesigning of their “Rainbow Room.”

My point being, volunteering for the betterment of your community is one more of those intangibles that are so important to a person’s career and life.

These billboard ads created by Habitat For Humanity in Portland, OR are reason enough for me to devote my time to them. I LOVE the slogan, “From here. For here.” It says so much in just four words and provides a sense of community for those living in Portland. Uniting a community of people is so powerful and  has the opportunity to gather and motivate a huge group of people to do good.

I love the poses of the people in all three of these billboards and the action they’re performing. It displays them working with their own two hands to build a better community. Also, the cloudy skies selected for the backdrops fit perfectly with Northwest culture.


18 Best of: Street art

Creativity is always preached, no matter what the topic at hand may be. In advertising, being creative takes you so incredibly far. I think it’s a balance between personality and creativity that make a successful person in the industry.

Street artists are fascinating to me. They have more creativity and skill in their pointer finger than I do in my entire body. They’re professional artists putting their work on display unlawfully, but creatively.

Take Banksy for example:

He does great stencil work and cutout work that grabs people’s attention instantly. He has such a cool portfolio of his work laid out on his website for everyone to look at and reuse. He has a consistent style that people around the world know now to be unique. I like the picture on top because it relates so well to what we’re learning about now. We won’t succeed every time, he knows that. I take that piece of work he did as a sarcastic remark, reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Sean Bernards is a friend of mine who is extremely creative. He blogged about a street artist who calls himself Blublu. Blublu came up with this video that uses an incredible amount of photographs making a still life movie of street art. Everything about this is creative. He thinks of some weird shit, but I really like it.

17 coffee, it’s referenced a lot

I used to despise the taste of hot, bitter, burnt coffee. I suppose it is ironic that I’m sitting in a Starbucks writing this.

I started noticing that my sister was drinking it on a regular basis. I was shocked to see that because we once shared the same opinion of it. Coffee is like many things for me, an acquired taste. I started to indulge in the $7.3 billion a year craze two years ago. According to this infographic, men say that coffee helps with getting work done. I agree because it keeps me focused on what I’m doing. It’s also a way to take the edge off at times for me. I think it’s funny how often I’ve heard coffee referenced to in the world of journalism and how it controls the days of so many people.

When I start my advertising career, I don’t want to become one of those people. I don’t want to talk about coffee and what it does for me in a day. I know what it does for me, and I’ll keep it that way. So coffee drinkers, keep it to yourselves, no one really needs to hear that you can’t survive without the drink. We all know that’s not true.

16 facebook can do it all

Facebook was created in 2004. Since then, over 500 million users have joined the party (that’s 1 in 13 people on earth). I use Facebook every day; I’m on it right now… What I recently discovered was this app called The Guardian, their slogan saying: “It’s the news. But social.”

Media’s transition from print to web is quickly becoming the norm in the United States, with 78% of our citizens using the Internet on a regular basis. Computers are such vital machines in today’s society, especially in the world of advertising. With this app that Facebook has created, it puts Facebook on a new level. A teacher of mine took a quick survey last Wednesday asking who uses Facebook. Everyone but two raised there hands in a room of about 40. He brought up an interesting point in saying that for the most part, young adults visit just one site: Facebook. I thought to myself, “Damn, he’s right.” While I probably won’t ever delete my Facebook, I will stick it to them by not downloading The Guardian app on my profile. Read the second bullet point in that picture, “You don’t to leave Facebook…” Yikes. I go to sites like Yahoo! (cool “Trending Now” section), reddit, StumbleUpon and CNN for my news intake, it’s a nice breath of fresh air.

A cool infographic video with unbelievable stats about the website.

15 big things

This may or may not be my last post about the NBA. But I absolutely love these bobblehead commercials and the pun that goes along with their slogan,  “ things are coming.”

Going along with the image above, the creative minds behind this campaign made these commercials. They work so well for a few reasons:

1. Real time footage of big moments in the NBA playoffs–awesome.

2. Music. Upbeat, jazzy music keeps the audiences attention throughout the entire spot.

3. Photoshop. The over sized, still images of the players’ heads provides some humor and creativity.

4. Technical quality. The rotation on Derrick Rose’s head at :22 as he spins through the lane adds so much more legitimacy to this commercial. The expression on the players’ faces as they hit big shots, make good passes or hustle after a loose ball draws attention.

5. The fact that they made more than one of these.

14 still hasn’t found what he’s looking for…somehow

Bono has often been referred to as the coolest guy in music. I can’t disagree after seeing performances like this. Through all of his fame, he’s managed to stay unbelievably humble. On the way to the top of any profession, I believe staying modest is one of those intangibles that can give you the win at the photo finish.

Some inspiration can be found here, it just depends on how you look at it. For me, it works.

13 pita jungle

2011 was a year basically devoted to going with the flow for my family and me. The reason for this is because of a complete career change my parents both endured. In short, my family had to move from Sammamish, WA all the way down to Fullerton, CA in the span of a year.

The reason for the move was because my dad bought a franchise and planned to open it in Newport Beach. Pita Jungle started in Phoenix, AZ and has expanded to 15 stores with two more on the way. All of this has been going on since 1994. The restaurants are very vegan-friendly, along with other dishes for those who like protein.

It’s been almost 10 weeks since my dad has opened his restaurant, and I’ve already heard talks of horizontal movement for their company/brand. One thing I noticed that was somewhat unique to his restaurant was the installation of a full bar. Not all locations have that extra outlet in order to generate more revenue. Another horizontal movement for Pita Jungle is catering. Talking to the general manager of my dad’s location, he told me that catering at these restaurants makes a killing. I’d argue their location is a semi-horizontal movement, but they just lucked out getting such a great spot. Those three things, combined with a casual yet contemporary dining experience, make for a good night out on the town in Newport Beach. The 4.5/5 rating from Yelp! makes me believe that customers are having a good emotional connection to the newest eatery in town. The two times I’ve eaten there, I noticed smiling customers, smiling employees and a good overall atmosphere.

Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood!

12 something weird, a brand?

107,550,362 people have seen this video at this point in time. I saw it in high school and remember laughing hysterically when he screams at the top of his lungs. But never did I see it becoming a brand.
I found this last night and didn’t know what to think about the DAD company. I just thought the idea of turning the video sensation into a literal product was a crazy move. The blog site is a timeline of David’s life along with some information about his family. They have a store selling various David paraphernalia. Still pretty crazy.
On the other hand, as an aspiring website developer, I can appreciate a well made piece of work. The site has a portfolio look to it with an original design in the top left corner, as well as navigational tabs that are easy to locate (despite the font color), one being the store which has frames that display the product, making it look a lot like the Cargo sites we’ve been researching.
Just because I referenced it.
Note: discount offer in the top left corner.

11 the anatomy of an agency

There are many questions surrounding my life at this point. One that has been at the top of the list for some time now is, ‘What do I want to be?’

Deb Morrison’s creative strategist class raises this question, along with many others. When I ask myself what I want to do, I find myself searching everywhere for answers. In class last week, we talked with Rachel Hom from 72 & Sunny in Los Angeles. I Googled her name and got acquainted with her via web. Rachel is a Jr. strategist at 72. What I know of Rachel is that she is determined, friendly, creative and outgoing. While I can’t say for certain if any of those things are in a job description of a Jr. strategist, I do believe having those four traits are a good place to start anyway. I came across her blog site and found this infographic breaking down the positions of an agency.

I liked this because it gave a very humanized opinion of the industry. I think the most helpful section of this graphic comes from either the spirit animal or desktop files. They briefly told me what each job description entailed, and what file types the job works with. Those are two bits of information that I didn’t know before looking at this image.

Some points on the final right here Deb.

10 Brand move?

Ron Artest has always made sure fans know who he is in the NBA.


So he got off to a bad start building his own brand. The NBA is a business like any other business at the professional level. Stunts like this are damaging to a companies brand. But luckily for the NBA, there are hundreds of players that can help rebuild its reputation.

As of September 16th of last year, Ron Artest officially changed his name to Metta World Peace (what?). Is this a brand move? Did he look back on his career and question his former antics? I think that could have had something to do with the change. In a Clutch Magazine interview, World Peace said the reason for the change was, “to inspire and bring youth together all around the world.” A pretty broad statement, but inspiring nonetheless.

Theroot.com posted an article saying, “Fans will chant for “World Peace” and wear jerseys bearing the name at bars and school campuses. Sports radio will be assigned the task of analyzing the statistics and performance of ‘World Peace.'” Subliminal advertising can sometimes be effective, and I’m starting to respect his effort to raise awareness of this issue.

I mean, how does something like this not get the people going.

Interesting move, Metta. As for the rest of the NBA, it’s your move now.