26 Back at it

Ducks given the third degree for smoking pot/rain in Eugene during the SPRING TIME. What else is new?

The article came out yesterday on ESPN.com and blew up my news feed like Michael Bay blows up…well, everything. Everyone I had talked to yesterday read the article. When something–anything–becomes public news regarding the Nike Ducks (Oregon Ducks), a special bond is formed on campus among the student body in Eugene.

When role model (not to me, but let’s be honest, he made plays) Cliff Harris is feeding students with golden ammunition by saying things like, “We smoked it all,” it gets people talking–better yet, reminiscing. Despite his bonehead actions off of the field, Harris will always be remembered here for two things:

Punt returns and pick 6’s (respectively).

Among many former Ducks featured in this article was first-team All-Pac10 running back Reuben Droughns. Droughns (ranking sixth on Oregon’s all-time rushing list with 2,058 yards) was quoted in the article saying, “It’s the weed capital of the world. Long dreads. Girls with hairy armpits. Where there’s hippies, there’s weed.” He noticed this same phenomenon back in 1998-1999 when he was fully submersed in the Eugene lifestyle.

It’s a combination of things really that keep this illegal tradition alive. The geographic location, the demographics, the fact that it rains more than half of the year, the college town atmosphere and the history of the city all create the perfect storm for that kid choosing to get high in his family room in front of his TV. Or anyone for that matter.

The article ends with a quote from an anonymous player on the team saying, “Some of us smoke,” he says, “and then we [go] out and [win] the Rose Bowl,” proving the point that all the players mentioned in this article are trying to make.

Go Ducks.


One thought on “26 Back at it

  1. ted thomason says:


    The University of Oregon’s new $68 million football “operations center” will include a private hot tub for coach Chip Kelly, according to the Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore. Kelly apparently can soak in the tub and watch video without fear of electrocution. The viewing center is water-proofed.

    The center is scheduled to open next year and is funded by Nike’s Phil Knight.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/sports/heatindex/articles/20120717hot-tub-drama-pros-hot-water.html#ixzz2150aI9uq

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