24 Best of: Commercial advertisements

I was shocked when I first saw this commercial on television. I thought it was so funny I remember searching for it right after I first saw it. Adweek posted a list of the 10 Funniest Commercials of All Time. TBWA/Chiat/Day came up with this spot and absolutely nailed it. Jack Ferver absolutely killed his performance as the berries-and-cream loving lad.

In a post done by Eric Page at the University of Iowa, he quotes another source on ads:

“Ads are a reflection of our culture,” says Dave Collins, who specializes in marketing. “The process of developing an ad is taking a marketing idea and encoding it with symbols that fit into the context of that culture.”

I think that is so true of advertisements nowadays. What our culture deems funny and “odd” will make it in advertising. The term “oddvertising” has often been interchanged with advertising. Although I couldn’t get one specific definition of the word, it seems to be used in today’s commercial advertising world quite often. In the same post by Eric Page, this image was at the top:

which I think sums up “oddvertising” quite well (designed by John Paul Schafer). People like weird.


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