20 best of: funny people

I’ve always said laughter is the best medicine. It can brighten any moment at any point in time. These are some guys that have always made me laugh throughout my life.

Tracy Wong came and talked to our class last week and I was fully engaged in his presentation. He shared with us his 6 secrets to succeeding in the world of advertising. His slideshow presentation was filled with epic quotes and phrases that left me feeling inspired. I think there is something to be said for massive Helvetica typeface on a huge screen. The 6 secrets he shared were:

The biggest hurdle to being creative is your big, fat ego

2  99% of any great idea is strategy

3  Ears are your greatest creative weapon

4  The secret to success in advertising is to embrace compromise

5  Engaging in democracy garners the best work

6  Love your client like you love your dog

I have never had much of an ego, so that being number one on the list got me pretty excited. I never heard of ears as weapons either, and I have one that is bigger than the other, so that could potentially help me out down the road. But really, listening is a tool that everyone needs to refine throughout life, because we learn so much from what we hear. And America is run by a democracy, so…ya.

Tracy went through his presentation and showed us some of his earliest work. One that stood out to me was an advertisement he designed with his partner for K2 skiing. In two slides, he went from describing how he started the idea from a picture of a yellow piece of lined paper torn out from a notepad with maybe five words on it. The next slide displayed this:

So cool to see this transformation. Tracy, you provided me with inspiration, laughter and motivation to make work. You, along with those hilarious comedians, provide laughter in people’s lives. So important.


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