19 habitat for humanity…cleverness!

Habitat For Humanity has always inspired me to do good in the world. Doing something for someone else in need always results in an incredible feeling. Volunteering has always been a part of my life that I take pride in. Working at First Place School in Seattle, WA my senior year of high school, I learned the true values in what it means to help out others that are less fortunate. Since then, I’ve coached four different sports teams through the YMCA association, and helped out at the YMCA in the redesigning of their “Rainbow Room.”

My point being, volunteering for the betterment of your community is one more of those intangibles that are so important to a person’s career and life.

These billboard ads created by Habitat For Humanity in Portland, OR are reason enough for me to devote my time to them. I LOVE the slogan, “From here. For here.” It says so much in just four words and provides a sense of community for those living in Portland. Uniting a community of people is so powerful and  has the opportunity to gather and motivate a huge group of people to do good.

I love the poses of the people in all three of these billboards and the action they’re performing. It displays them working with their own two hands to build a better community. Also, the cloudy skies selected for the backdrops fit perfectly with Northwest culture.


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