18 Best of: Street art

Creativity is always preached, no matter what the topic at hand may be. In advertising, being creative takes you so incredibly far. I think it’s a balance between personality and creativity that make a successful person in the industry.

Street artists are fascinating to me. They have more creativity and skill in their pointer finger than I do in my entire body. They’re professional artists putting their work on display unlawfully, but creatively.

Take Banksy for example:

He does great stencil work and cutout work that grabs people’s attention instantly. He has such a cool portfolio of his work laid out on his website for everyone to look at and reuse. He has a consistent style that people around the world know now to be unique. I like the picture on top because it relates so well to what we’re learning about now. We won’t succeed every time, he knows that. I take that piece of work he did as a sarcastic remark, reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Sean Bernards is a friend of mine who is extremely creative. He blogged about a street artist who calls himself Blublu. Blublu came up with this video that uses an incredible amount of photographs making a still life movie of street art. Everything about this is creative. He thinks of some weird shit, but I really like it.


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