17 coffee, it’s referenced a lot

I used to despise the taste of hot, bitter, burnt coffee. I suppose it is ironic that I’m sitting in a Starbucks writing this.

I started noticing that my sister was drinking it on a regular basis. I was shocked to see that because we once shared the same opinion of it. Coffee is like many things for me, an acquired taste. I started to indulge in the $7.3 billion a year craze two years ago. According to this infographic, men say that coffee helps with getting work done. I agree because it keeps me focused on what I’m doing. It’s also a way to take the edge off at times for me. I think it’s funny how often I’ve heard coffee referenced to in the world of journalism and how it controls the days of so many people.

When I start my advertising career, I don’t want to become one of those people. I don’t want to talk about coffee and what it does for me in a day. I know what it does for me, and I’ll keep it that way. So coffee drinkers, keep it to yourselves, no one really needs to hear that you can’t survive without the drink. We all know that’s not true.


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