15 big things

This may or may not be my last post about the NBA. But I absolutely love these bobblehead commercials and the pun that goes along with their slogan,  “ things are coming.”

Going along with the image above, the creative minds behind this campaign made these commercials. They work so well for a few reasons:

1. Real time footage of big moments in the NBA playoffs–awesome.

2. Music. Upbeat, jazzy music keeps the audiences attention throughout the entire spot.

3. Photoshop. The over sized, still images of the players’ heads provides some humor and creativity.

4. Technical quality. The rotation on Derrick Rose’s head at :22 as he spins through the lane adds so much more legitimacy to this commercial. The expression on the players’ faces as they hit big shots, make good passes or hustle after a loose ball draws attention.

5. The fact that they made more than one of these.


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