12 something weird, a brand?

107,550,362 people have seen this video at this point in time. I saw it in high school and remember laughing hysterically when he screams at the top of his lungs. But never did I see it becoming a brand.
I found this last night and didn’t know what to think about the DAD company. I just thought the idea of turning the video sensation into a literal product was a crazy move. The blog site is a timeline of David’s life along with some information about his family. They have a store selling various David paraphernalia. Still pretty crazy.
On the other hand, as an aspiring website developer, I can appreciate a well made piece of work. The site has a portfolio look to it with an original design in the top left corner, as well as navigational tabs that are easy to locate (despite the font color), one being the store which has frames that display the product, making it look a lot like the Cargo sites we’ve been researching.
Just because I referenced it.
Note: discount offer in the top left corner.

2 thoughts on “12 something weird, a brand?

  1. bradleynoonan says:

    Do you believe that a company like this, with such a small base to build from, will be able to prosper into the future?

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