9 Stay connected

On the 27th of this month, there is a scheduled conference in Geneva to discuss the ownership of the Internet, a product that grows by a half-million users daily. In Robert McDowell’s article, he talks about the use of the Internet in the lives of 2 billion+ people across the globe and how their lives are effected by it every day.

“Net access, especially through mobile devices, is improving the human condition more quickly—and more fundamentally—than any other technology in history,” says McDowell.

In my every day life here at the U of O, I find this quote holding true. I think I can speak for most college students when I say I literally use the Internet every day. The Internet helps all users gather the majority of the information they discover. There are so many tools nowadays that help people stay connected; and these tools are growing in every way imaginable.

Soraya Darabi from Ogilvy came up with this idea of social media and how it effects the lives of so many people. A tool such as a telephone allows for the connection of one person to another. A tool such as Facebook allows for a more social style of connection between people. Twitter allows for a more professional connection to one another, letting people like me communicate with an organization like 72andSunny. With this availability and ease, it allows people to stay connected with one another across the world. The Internet is so vital in today’s rapidly advancing world, so please, don’t take it away from us, it’s a beautiful thing.


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