8 Firm believer in competition

“Sport is our passion. Sport inspires hope. Instills discipline, reduces depression and disease. It raises self-confidence, raises awareness, rallies communities, defines nations, defies gravity and denies prejudice,” this quote from the video reminds me of Will Ferrell saying, “It gets the people going,” in Blades of Glory.

Sport and competition do so much in this world to get people going. By “going,” I’m referring to sport providing anyone and everyone with inspiration to be active with their body.

Professionals like Vince Carter of the NBA gets his colleagues going by doing the amazing stuff I posted about earlier. What he’s doing is not only strengthening his own brand, but also the brand of the NBA as a whole–leaving the guys trying to beat him making faces like this guy:

Even Shaquille O’Neal is helping out the NBA’s brand by showing his emotion towards something that he loves. That emotion that he displays has a direct effect on the emotional connection all the fans with the sport.

Sport and competition are a brand that lucked out. They became a prime-time event in today’s society through the gradual evolution to where they are now. They both have a very high success rate of pleasing their customers. Professionals inspire, they are the ones that are looked up to by most.


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