7 Boom. Roasted.

Ouch, Audi.

BMW figured there was only one thing to do at this point; make a bigger and better sign. A company that goes by the name of Juggernaut Advertising came up with this sign for the corner of Santa Monica and and Beverly Glen Blvd. Santa Monica, being a rather affluent area for living, servers as a perfect spot for this ad. Unfortunately, Juggernaut’s website doesn’t exactly exist, but the move made by BMW and Juggernaut hasn’t gone unnoticed in the social media community. I personally came across this image when it was posted all over Facebook a few weeks back. The competition between the two brands is what makes this ad work so well. People like to see competition in retail, it is what lets brands grow and make a name for themselves. Competition is something that inspires me to do more in life, and I think the creators of this billboard got a great deal of inspiration after putting it up and seeing the public’s reaction to it.

“When we heard the idea, we loved it and couldn’t resist going forward,” says Del Montell, Jr. of Santa Monica BMW.

Here is a link to the production of the campaign:


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