6 Chipotle Mexican Grill

Bloomberg Businessweek recently released the top 50 brands of the year. In a creative insert in their January edition of the magazine, seven reporters break down the top-performing companies of the year. These brands are all over the map. Starting with MasterCard, taking the number one spot in the S&P top 500 consumer brands.

I digress. With this post titled “Chipotle,” I wanted to focus on one company who is doing something that is clearly working. Chief executive officer, Steve Ells, says “the days of ordering by a number and having some sort of prepackaged or prescribed meals– that’s not appealing to customers anymore. We put the food on center stage.” Chipotle is also making moves in the horizontal direction, rather than the ever-intriguing vertical well that companies often fall into. Forbes writer, Will Burns, brings this up in his article. Chipotle is moving horizontally with more options on ingredients such as brown rice and whole wheat tortillas. There are only so many options a fast-casual restaurant like Chipotle can offer, and they are doing their best. With an $11.6 billion market cap, Chipotle’s popularity is spreading across the globe like wildfire. McDonald’s being the only food company before Chipotle on this list speaks volumes to how successful this restaurant actually is.

With stores now in London, Paris and eventually Germany, it is clear that Ells is capitalizing on his success, and moving horizontally rather than plummeting in a downward free fall. Numbers like these tend to tell a compelling story, and at number 18 on this list of 50, it is clear that Chipotle is doing something right.


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