4 Walker Ryan — Graduation

Skateboarding is a passion of mine for a few reasons. It allows me to exercise, it allows me to challenge myself, and it allows me to see all kinds of different artwork and self-expression from those who skateboard. Walker Ryan bridged the gap between amateur and professional skateboarding three months ago, and this was what Organika Skateboards and he came up with to introduce himself to the professional world of skateboarding.

There is a lot of artistry in this video. A lot of creativity. What adds so much to the skateboarding is the scenery that he surrounds himself with. This video production screams Final Cut Pro. Learning how to master a program such as Final Cut Pro is important to me, because if I were coming up with videos such as this one, I think I’d have a different lifestyle right now. Skateboarding and cinematography are two huge interests of mine, and I wanted to share a badass example of both.

Note: listen to how well the music fits with the video (always does in skate videos). Enjoy!


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