3 Free.99

If you’re like me, and like free stuff, read this. I realize blogging about this is slightly off the topic of advertising, however I have deemed it necessary for the sake of some talent that my close friends have. These rhymesayers, also known as Common Cold, just released a project they have been working on since the end of the summer. The group of four are from up and down the West Coast, from Malibu, CA up to Portland, OR. And they are sure to remind you of that throughout the mixtape. At times they remind me of that hometown group that everyone from that area recognizes. I mean, the Blue Scholars had to start somewhere (risky!). I think creative mind Sean Bernards drew a lot of inspiration from these guys when he crafted the beats on this album (see Tr. 9).

Common Cold, Cycles

This mixtape is a great showcase of talent that not everyone has. Showcasing talent is what advertising is all about (DING! DING! DING! Portfolio!). Some of it is vulgar, hip-hop tends to be, but we move on. There is so much originality on this album and in the ad world, originality is of utmost importance. So, without further ado, let the Common Cold brand begin.


(picture = album)


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