Well if Congress keeps this up, blogging is going to get a lot harder.

What if my computer I’m typing on right now was all glass? No plastic casing, all touch-enabled, smart and incredibly sexy. In class the other day, we talked about Arnold Toynbee’s theory on society constantly changing. Specifically, he focused on cultural, societal, economic and political factors because he saw those as the most important in people’s lives. And this was 80 years ago. Anyway, Toynbee sort of hit the nail on the head with this theory. Stuff is always changing around us, for better or worse. But 80 years ago, he didn’t have a chance to blog that thought, instead he wrote it down. And look what I’m doing right now. Blogging about change and giving a shout out to Arnold Toynbee.

Corning Display Technologies has made advances in high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. From LCD TV’s, to 3-D TV’s, to tablet and smartphone touch screens and even glass windows for space shuttles, Corning creates state of the art technology that is becoming much more relevant as we progress through this ever-changing 21st Century. There seems to be a constant consumer craving for “the newest” or “the smartest” nowadays. Corning is satisfying that hunger.


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