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5 “My old coach used to say 2 points was 2 points. My old coach couldn’t dunk.” -Vince Carter

More inspiration. Underlying message here: jump. Do epic shit. Be bold.

Vince Carter goes big, because he’s not ready to go home yet.

I post this because it inspires me. Watching someone do something I can’t do, generally speaking,  is inspiring.


4 Walker Ryan — Graduation

Skateboarding is a passion of mine for a few reasons. It allows me to exercise, it allows me to challenge myself, and it allows me to see all kinds of different artwork and self-expression from those who skateboard. Walker Ryan bridged the gap between amateur and professional skateboarding three months ago, and this was what Organika Skateboards and he came up with to introduce himself to the professional world of skateboarding.

There is a lot of artistry in this video. A lot of creativity. What adds so much to the skateboarding is the scenery that he surrounds himself with. This video production screams Final Cut Pro. Learning how to master a program such as Final Cut Pro is important to me, because if I were coming up with videos such as this one, I think I’d have a different lifestyle right now. Skateboarding and cinematography are two huge interests of mine, and I wanted to share a badass example of both.

Note: listen to how well the music fits with the video (always does in skate videos). Enjoy!

3 Free.99

If you’re like me, and like free stuff, read this. I realize blogging about this is slightly off the topic of advertising, however I have deemed it necessary for the sake of some talent that my close friends have. These rhymesayers, also known as Common Cold, just released a project they have been working on since the end of the summer. The group of four are from up and down the West Coast, from Malibu, CA up to Portland, OR. And they are sure to remind you of that throughout the mixtape. At times they remind me of that hometown group that everyone from that area recognizes. I mean, the Blue Scholars had to start somewhere (risky!). I think creative mind Sean Bernards drew a lot of inspiration from these guys when he crafted the beats on this album (see Tr. 9).

Common Cold, Cycles

This mixtape is a great showcase of talent that not everyone has. Showcasing talent is what advertising is all about (DING! DING! DING! Portfolio!). Some of it is vulgar, hip-hop tends to be, but we move on. There is so much originality on this album and in the ad world, originality is of utmost importance. So, without further ado, let the Common Cold brand begin.


(picture = album)


Well if Congress keeps this up, blogging is going to get a lot harder.

What if my computer I’m typing on right now was all glass? No plastic casing, all touch-enabled, smart and incredibly sexy. In class the other day, we talked about Arnold Toynbee’s theory on society constantly changing. Specifically, he focused on cultural, societal, economic and political factors because he saw those as the most important in people’s lives. And this was 80 years ago. Anyway, Toynbee sort of hit the nail on the head with this theory. Stuff is always changing around us, for better or worse. But 80 years ago, he didn’t have a chance to blog that thought, instead he wrote it down. And look what I’m doing right now. Blogging about change and giving a shout out to Arnold Toynbee.

Corning Display Technologies has made advances in high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. From LCD TV’s, to 3-D TV’s, to tablet and smartphone touch screens and even glass windows for space shuttles, Corning creates state of the art technology that is becoming much more relevant as we progress through this ever-changing 21st Century. There seems to be a constant consumer craving for “the newest” or “the smartest” nowadays. Corning is satisfying that hunger.

1 ‘Wieden-fest’

The word FIFA is starting to get much more attention nowadays than ever before. The 2010 World Cup finale in South Africa was said to be the most-watched television event in history, and people around the world bought into that. Since 2002, American devotion to the games have increased with each World Cup.  It’s television events like this that keep employees at places like Wieden + Kennedy up nights. Their Portland office came up with this ad (at a very fitting time I must add) for a client trying to sell their product in a wounded market. They came up with this for Dodge:

America. Muscle Cars. Freedom. Those three words come to my mind when I see this ad.

It aired at halftime during the USA vs. England game. 13 million Americans watched this event. Using brand-thinking, Wieden + Kennedy left out the ‘SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!’ stuff consumers are constantly bombarded with in these ads, and addressed the viewers with something that would grab their attention. Amurica. There could be no better stage for Dodge to air this commercial. Everyone in America was looking for a way to bash on England on this day. And since the match ended in a 1-1 draw, this advertisement for the Dodge Challenger gave America a little bit of an edge that day.

Note: inspiration for the title came from the illustrious Deb Morrison. Wieden + Kennedy has many creative minds at work, coming up with awesome things. Hopefully they won’t fill up my entire blog.